School Uniform 2020/2021

School Year 2020/2021

To facilitate extra protection during the current pandemic, the following procedure is in place:

Junior and Senior Infants pupils to wear the school tracksuit daily. We ask you to do your best to have a
clean set of clothes for each school day.

For pupils from 1st Class – 6th Class

Mondays: school uniform to be worn.

Tuesdays: School tracksuit to be worn

Wednesdays: Wear your own clothes

Thursdays: school uniform to be worn

Friddays: school tracksuit to be worn

The  school uniform consists of :

  • Silver grey trousers
  • Maroon jumper
  • Grey shirt
  • Wine and grey striped tie
  • school tracksuit.

Laura’s Schoolwear, Dosco Industrial Estate,  have the school uniform in stock.

You can contact Laura’s Schoolwear @ : (021)4368210

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