Homework Policy





Homework is an integral part of the pupils’ school programme and should be approached purposefully and efficiently. In most instances it will help to consolidate subject areas covered in class and pupils should encounter little difficulty with any of the prescribed assignments. In the event of a pupil experiencing genuine difficulty parents should inform the teacher in writing on the homework journal outlining the particular aspect causing concern.

Homework may be allocated under three different categories:-

  • WRITTEN (W) – where the pupil will have to do written exercise

related to work covered in class.

  • LEARNING (L) – where the pupil will be expected to learn and

memorise certain topics covered in class e.g. Poetry, Religion

questions, abairti Gaeilge, Mathematical formulas, etc.

  • FIND OUT (FO) – where the children will be asked to compile certain

information relating to classroom topics e.g. Project research, local

history/geography, etc.


Homework must be taken down each day in the homework journal and must be signed on completion each evening by a parent or guardian. The amount of time spent at homework will vary from pupil to pupil. Presentation of homework must always be neat and tidy.


Recommended Guideline

6th Class:     1 ½ hours    5th Class:     45 mins to 1 hour

4th Class:     45 mins       3rd Class:     30 to 40 mins

2nd Class:     30 mins       1st Class:     20 mins

Sen Infants: 10 to 15 mins        Jun Infants: 10 mins max.



  • This policy was completed and made ready for the school plan on November 2010
  • This policy was ratified at a meeting of the Board of Management of St. Columba’s B.N.S. on 22nd November 2010
  • This policy document is available upon request from the school office.
  • This policy was discussed at a staff meeting on December 3rd 2010; staff were advised to familiarise themselves with the policy document.
  • This policy document will be updated as necessary. All amendments/additions will be recorded below.


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