Student Council

The Student Council was established in 2007. Two boys are elected from each of the 6th classes at the start of the year. Any boy can be a candidate for election and can try to persuade their classmates that they are the best choice by making posters, leaflets, t-shirts and preparing a speech.
The Student Council members are elected to present the views of their class and the wider student body to the school management. The boys have come up with fantastic ideas over the past few years including skipping leagues, tag rugby, chess competitions, debating club, Spelling Bees, a 6th class play, and St. Columba’s Got Talent!
The Student Council creates a very important link between the pupils of St. Columba’s and the school management and principal.
The Student Council for 2014/2015 are: Ben Leahy, Aleksy Sek, James Dillon, Jack O’Sullivan, Luke Burke  and Kevin McSweeney.
Congratulations to all members on the Students’ Council 2014/2015 for being elected.

This year so far, our Student council are working very hard , running basketball tournaments at lunchtime and also being the team behind the very successful fundraising for Movember in our school. The student council boys are currently organising a table tennis tournament for all 6th class boys to enjoy during lunch time.

Over the past few years, the Student Council have  organized a shop in school, which has been a big success! The boys were also instrumental in highlighting the issue of bullying, which led to the completion of a bullying survey in 6th class. They have set up a table tennis competition and a chess tournament at lunchtime for the 5th &  6th classes, and are investigating fundraising ideas to purchase new stock for the shop.

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