Pitch and Putt

St. Columba’s BNS has taken part in P.P.U.I ( Pitch & Putt Union of Ireland) competition since its beginning many years ago and is the most successful school in the event, once winning three Cork titles in a row.

We are grateful to Douglas Pitch and Putt Club for the use of their facilities where the boys are coached.

Pitch and Putt Players’ Blogs


Today we went to Douglas Pitch and putt. It was great fun. We practised our putting ,chipping and tee shots. Last year I went to Ballincollig last year with the school’s pitch and putt team. We didn’t  win but I won a medal for getting the best score on my team. Today  however, some of the greens were slow but some were fast. A few of my friends and I went over to the second hole. I hit a few good shots. Mr.Lynch will be organizing a P&P team to compete in a tournament at the end of the year and I think he’ll do a great job. Last year my friend Matthew and I were the only boys from fifth class on the team.I really enjoyed today.


For those who don’t know how to play pitch and putt here are the basic rules. Pitch and putt is a bit different from golf.  In pitch and putt you normally have two clubs in golf you have fourteen in a bag.  In pitch and putt your starting handicap is twelve but in golf it is twenty-eight.  In pitch and putt all the holes par are par three.  In golf the pars are par three, four and five.  Pitch and putt takes less time to do a round than in golf.

(Dylan Buckley & Andrew Cotter, April 2014)

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