School Day Details August 2020

  • School supervision will begin at 8.40am.
  • The top yard nearest the road will be utilised so the children can line up . There are markings on the yard to ensure that
    the children are socially distanced.
  • The children and parents will not be permitted to congregate in the school sheltered area to ensure the safety of all.


  • We are asking where possible, that families stagger their arrival to school. We are asking families with the surnames A-L to be in school for 8.45am and the surnames M-Z arrive and be in school for 8.55am
  • The school doors will open at 8.45 and the children will be directed in their designated door by the SET teachers and onto to their classroom where their teacher will greet them.
  • The SET teachers will remain at the doors until 8.55 to allow the entry of the boys from families M-Z.
  • We are utilising 6 main doors and 3 classroom doors (Cairdeas), to maximise social distancing on entry to the school. Due to the availability of external classroom doors and to facilitate the school transport system, the morning and evening routine will be the same as last year for the Cairdeas classes. The only change is the utilisation of
    the external classroom doors instead of the main doors for Cairdeas 1-3.


  • The exit of school at the end of the school day will mirror this. The junior infants will leave via the same doors they entered at 12: 30 until 11th of September and 1.20 (AL) and 1.30(M-Z) thereafter. Senior Infants will leave at 1.20 ( A-L) and 1.30 (M-Z).
  • The rest of the school will exit via the doors they entered (in the morning) at either 2.20 or 2.30. A-L will be brought to their exit points at 2.20 by the SET teacher and surnames M-Z will be guided to their exit point by the class teacher at 2.30 .
  • Please ensure your child(ren) has adequate raingear as they will be lining up in theyard and NOT in the sheltered area near the front door. We would also ask that parents model social distancing while on campus with their children and where possible, not to enter school grounds.
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