Green Committee


 In 2015,St. Columba’s BNS are raising awareness of water conservation and are trying to reduce the water waste in our school.  As we work towards our 4th green  Flag, each class is investigating the topic and we will put into practice all new ideas.   To highlight this awareness, we are increasing the pupils’ knowledge of water, its sources and main facts about conserving the earth’s water. Children are being encouraged to bring these facts home and remind their parents on how to conserve water.



Our green committee for 2014/2015 is as follows ( from 6th to 3rd class)

Ross McAuliffe, Karl O’Neill, Darren  Lee, Lewis Gillen, John O’Regan, Michael Connolly,

Nikita Medalovich, Henry Pius, Daniel O’Leary, Graham Scanlon, Adrien Thibault, Sanjay Magesh

Ben Cashman, Rowan Murphy, Glen Corcoran, Evan Buttimer, Dónal Clifford

Mark Lester, Adam Meaney, Daniel McCarthy

Under the direction of Ms. Scannell, the committee meet regularly during lunch time to think  up ideas and implement activities throughout the school to inform, advise and encourage the students and staff of St. Columba’s to become more environmentally friendly.

The three flags that St. Columba’s have achieved already are:

  1. Litter and waste reduction
  2. Energy conservation
  3. Global Citizenship.



St. Columba’s BNS Showcase – Energy Sense Ireland

St. Columba’s are proud to announce an improvement in energy saving. Energy Sense Ireland have showcased St. Columba’s BNS to lead the way in energy saving. Click here to find out more.

In 2009, St. Columba’s BNS were honoured by receiving the green flag for our environmental awareness and efforts.

St. Columba’s Green Committee meets regularly during the school year.

At the meetings, many issues affect our school environment are raised and many solutions proposed.

During the year, the litter pickers work hard to keep our campus clean.

An ongoing objective of the green committee is to reduce the amount of waste collected in school.

As a means to an end, we would like to remind parents that all pupils should have a re-usable drinks container and a tidy lunch box for their healthy lunches.

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