Sensory Room

Here in St. Columba’s we are home to our very own sensory room.

The development of sensory rooms began in the Netherlands in the 1970s and the initial idea was to deliver stimulation to the various senses, both to relax and calm. Our pupils in the ASD unit avail of our sensory room to unwind and have a break while at the same time be engaged in the environment around them.

Featuring a Calming LED Bubble Tube and soft padded plinth our pupils can sit close to the tube and watch as the bubbles steadily rise while their colour slowly changes.

The mirror ball produces spots of light that rotate around the room while the projector shows calming images that slowly rotate, creating a wonderful soothing environment.

Wall and floor padding is also included to create a ‘safe’ area for students to sit or lie down and enjoy the calming music and lighting.

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