Intercultural Week

St. Columba’s BNS is proud to have pupils from all over the world. At last count there were over thirty nationalities present in our school. We truly are ‘One World in One School’!

The exposure to such a wide variety of nationalities helps the boys to develop a greater awareness of other cultures. It also leads to understanding of difference, and an awareness of the interrelationship between all the countries of the world.

This year we celebrated Intercultural Week from the 26th to the 30th September. The boys were invited to make projects; parents from other countries visited the school as guest speakers; the children dressed in their national clothes; and there was a display including photos, books, food, money and other objects from all over the world.

The school was also visited by Zoltan who is part of a Hungarian medieval re-enactment group. He demonstrated how to use swords, axes and a whip, and gave an archery display!

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