Covid 19-Message from Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians

I’m sure you are all aware by now of the government directive we have received today. To clarify, this  means all schools will  close today, and reopen on  Monday 30th of March. This is a two week and one day closure.

This is a huge community effort to try and minimise the effects of this virus. Please follow the HSE guidelines on how best to deal with the virus at this troubling time.

In an effort to minimise the school disruption of the children we will be creating a section on our website that will have a body of work for your child’s class, which he/she can do at home over the course of the next two weeks. To view this work, you just have to go onto our school website and click on the tab for home-school work. In here you will see a list of all the teachers. Click on your child’s teacher and the work will be displayed. There will also be links to educational apps and online activities which may be useful. All resources and books should be in your child’s bag this evening. This section of the website should be up and running by Friday evening 13th of March.

With regard to the confirmation, it would come under the heading of “mass gathering” and can safely assume as of now it is postponed until further notice. We will give more information as soon as we receive it.

Please keep an eye on the school face book and website  from Wednesday 25th of March for further updates regarding the school re-opening.

We hope that everyone in our school community will stay safe and well during the coming weeks.

Kind regards,

Dan O’Connor.





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